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Bassnectar BBC Mix

17 Nov

I am proud to say that I was lucky enough to attend Bassnectar’s mind-blowing show at the Wiltern last month. Since then, Bassnectar has been killing it around the United States and now in Europe. He even took the time to stop by the BBC with Annie Nightingale and recorded a fresh mix which will give you just a tiny taste, I repeat, just a tiny taste, of his ridiculous sets that he has been dropping throughout his tour. I have put up his half-hour mix for you all to enjoy!

Bassnectar- BBC Mixtape 2010


Here’s a video of Bassnectar’s insanity on his Fall tour!

Song in the video:
Bassnectar- Falling (feat. Paper Machete) (Buy)




The News- Bassnectar

19 Oct

Two weekends ago, Bassnectar played a sold out show at the wonderful old theater named the Wiltern, in Hollywood. A couple buddies and I were lucky enough to experience what Bassnectar had to offer in his 2 hour time slot. Needless to say, all the bass heads who were in attendance had their faces melted, no exaggeration there. From a new unreleased remix of Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked to the old crowd favorite, Magical World, and all the floor-shaking bangers in between, that set stands amongst the best I’ve ever seen. Lorin (Bassnectar) also played many new tracks off of his freshly released Wildstyle EP, which you can purchase on his website bassnectar.net.

Here’s a taste of the Wildstyle EP:

A mellower tune but excellent nonetheless!

Bassnectar- Underwater ft. Tina Malia (click link to download)

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