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Musication presents: Steve Aoki & The LA Battle of the DJs at the Avalon Hollywood Post-Event

27 Apr

Too much work to do? Stressed over finals? Don’t have enough time? It seems like everyone is grinding through the last weeks of the school year, but for the attendees of the first Musication show last night, it was a completely different story.

The night commenced with an opening set by LMU’s Doc P, aka Danny Parra, a member of the hip-hop group Random Citizens. He set the tone for the LA Battle of the DJs with a unique blend of hip-hop and electronic music, which was complimented nicely by his excellent turntablism – something none of the other DJs have in their arsenal. Next up was UCLA’s DJ Mico. He started off strong with some some bass heavy tunes that seemed to bring up the energy quite a bit. That energy level was held throughout his whole set, but there were definitely times where it was raised. Most notably, when he mixed into the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Otherside,” Afrojack’s “Take Over Control,” and Pretty Lights’ “Fly Away Another Day”. USC’s Tony Fresch was the closer for the battle, and he certainly finished it off with a bang. With some hard electro and other fist-pump worthy bangers, he gave DJ Mico a run for his money, racking up votes to beat the UCLA favorite by only 1%! Congratulations to the winner of the LA Battle of the DJs, Tony Fresch, and big ups to Doc P and DJ Mico for excellent sets all around!

Once the battle was over, I could feel the vibe of the Avalon change with anticipation of the headliner for the night, Steve Aoki. This was my 4th time seeing him, so I knew what to expect and he did not disappoint. In the midst of all of the hard electro, Mr. Aoki, being a showman, practiced his usual stage antics and seemed to be a master of puppets, controlling the crowd with his engaging mixing. As if that wasn’t enough, there was a cake (yes, a cake), a pool float, and confetti to keep things fun and interesting. Not to mention the Steve Aoki look-alike who was brought up on stage for a short period of time. Musication definitely made a great decision with selecting the appropriate headliner for their first event and I think all the Los Angeles college party people would agree! I had such a great time throughout whole night and I feel it was a unique experience for many. I can’t wait for the Musication to come! Keep an eye out for more events next school year!

If you like the photo featured in this post, you can thank WEST LA CNCT’s incredibly talented photographer, Nathan Podshadley! Check out more of his photos by clicking the link below. While you’re at it, here are some tunes that really heated up the Avalon and I’ve included a bonus inspired by Steve Aoki dropping Diddy-Dirty Money’s “I’m Coming Home ft. Skylar Grey”. Enjoy!

Musication presents: Steve Aoki & The LA Battle of the DJs at the Avalon Hollywood PICTURES!


Mike Candys & Jack Holiday- One More Time (Original Mix)

Felix Cartal- The Joker (Original Mix)

Plan B- Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix)



Diddy Vs. A Clamaran Vs. Hard Rock Sofa Vs. Dirty South- Stick Shift Home (Triarchy Edit)


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D.H.T. Vs. Disfunktion & Remaniax- Listen To Your Bestiole Heart (Triarchy Edit)

5 Feb

I did a post on Triarchy a while back with one of their older edits and today I have a newer one! I had overlooked this track until it randomly came on the other night and I realized it was a solid tune. It has good female vocals and a deep prog house beat that’ll definitely get your sub bumpin’.

D.H.T. Vs. Disfunktion & Remaniax- Listen To Your Bestiole Heart (Triarchy Edit)




WEST LA CNCT Holiday Mix

13 Dec

Today, I am proud to debut WEST LA CNCT’s first, but certainly not last, mix.  This mix is inspired by the notion that, because finals week has just begun, it will soon be over.  It’s about time to party like it’s 2011!  What better way to celebrate than with a good mix?  Let the sweet sound of  house music fuel you throughout the inevitable kegnog and ugly sweater themed parties. Enjoy!

Sander Van Doorn v. Choclate Pump v. The XX- Intro Chants (Triarchy Festival Edit)

Lil Jon ft Claude Kelly- Oh What A Night (Chuckie Remix)

Rihanna- Only Girl (In The World) (Liam Keegan Remix)

Usher vs Michael Mind Project- DJ Got us Falling In Love (RomanShark & Ruben Teixeira Tweety Remix)

David Guetta feat. Rihanna- Who’s That Chick (FMIF Remix)

Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are (Carl Louis & Martin Danielle Classic Mix)

Dada Life- Unleash The Fucking Dada (BetatraXx ft. Krystal Vocal Remix)

Enrique Iglesias Feat. Pitbull- I Like It (Chuckie Remix)

The Black Eyed Peas- Whenever

N.E.R.D & Daft Punk- Hypnotize U (Nero Remix)

Allione- WestLACnct Holiday Mix

Shout out to my buddy Kyler Holway.  LA will miss you.



The 100 Islands (Triarchy Edit)

19 Nov

Triarchy is a group of 3 producers/Dj’s, from Miami, that are just starting to get support from big electronic artists such as Tiesto. The song in this post, “The 100 Islands,” is a mix of the vocals from Pendulum’s, “The Island,” and the song, “100,” that Rank 1, Nic Chagall, and Wippenberg did together. It’s a great Trance-y song and definitely a keeper in my music library so check it out!

Pendulum Vs. Rank 1 Vs. Nic Chagall Vs. Wippenberg- The 100 Islands (Triarchy Edit)




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