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KOAN Sound – Funk Blaster EP

1 Nov

KOAN Sound based out of Brighton, England is the latest release on Skrillex‘s new label, OWSLA. These Brits bring a very different sound to the table, and after a couple of listens I really liked it. They are taking dubstep in a different direction and making your head bob at a regular speed to some futuristic bass music intertwined with a funky 80’s groove to it.

KOAN Sound – Funk Blaster


KOAN Sound – The Edge


KOAN Sound – Meanwhile, In The Future


KOAN Sound – Talk Box




Monday Goodies #8

31 Oct

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I know I did! Here’s the latest goodies for this monday. Got a good mix of electronic songs coming at you. Happy actual Halloween!

Afrojack – Lionheart

[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/2114.mp3]

F.O.O.L.The Beginning

[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/217d.mp3]

Dada Life – Unleash The Fucking Moombah (Crowd Control Remix)

[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/217c.mp3]

Skrillex (Feat. The Doors)- Breakn’ A Sweat

[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/217b.mp3]

LIPS – Everything To Me (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/217a.mp3]








Kaskade – Fire & Ice

24 Oct

Kaskade is releasing his 7th album tomorrow, but I thought I would get a jump start and stream the whole thing here. Straight off of winning “Best American DJ” Ryan Raddon is on a roll. The album, entitled Fire & Ice, has collaborations with Skrillex, Dada Life, Skylar Grey, Neon Trees, Dan Black, and more. It is a two side CD that has 10 songs on the “Fire” side that are more uptempo “at the club beats” and then has an “Ice” side which are Kaskade‘s remixes of the “Fire” side, they are more chillout & ambient verisons of the “Fire” side. I think it is a fantastic idea, album, and really brings out the two sides of Kaskade‘s music, but you be the judge. Buy it on iTunes if you enjoy the streams!

Disc 1 – Fire

1. Kaskade feat. Mindy Gledhill – Eyes

2. Kaskade with Rebecca & Fiona – Turn It Down

3. Kaskade feat. Neon Trees – Lessons In Love

4. Kaskade & SkrillexLick It

5. Kaskade feat. Haley – Llove

6. Kaskade feat. Marcus Bently – Let Me Go

7. Kaskade feat. Quadron – Waste Love

8. Kaskade & Dada Life feat. Dan Black – ICE

9. Kaskade & Inpetto with Late Night Alumni – How Long

10. Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey – Room For Happiness

Disc 2 – Ice

1. Kaskade feat. Mindy Gledhill – Eyes (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)

2. Kaskade with Rebecca & Fiona – Turn It Down (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)

3. Kaskade feat. Neon Trees – Lessons In Love (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)

4. Kaskade & SkrillexLick It (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)

5. Kaskade feat. Haley – Llove (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)

6. Kaskade feat. Marcus Bently – Let Me Go (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)

7. Kaskade feat. Quadron – Waste Love (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)

8. Kaskade & Dada Life with Dan Black – ICE (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)

9. Kaskade & Inpetto with Late Night Alumni – How Long (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)

10. Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey – Room For Happiness (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)



Skrillex- Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Kaskade Remix)

7 Jun

It has been months since I first heard this tune in a video of Kaskade’s set at Beyond Wonderland. I definitely did not expect him to remix Skrillex’s track, but it’s cool that he did and it’s interesting to hear the more electro side of Kaskade. I’m sure many of you will enjoy this song thoroughly.

Skrillex- Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Kaskade Remix)




Coachella 2011 Recap

29 Apr

For me, it was an event categorized more by experiences than music. With that being said, here’s my take and a few jams dedicated to the best party around.

Friday began with some heavy sunshine and even heavier dubstep. As usual, 12th Planet threw down an energetic, crowd-pleasing set. Dubstep’s American embassador has great taste for new music and tons of stage presence. He stood on the DJ booth a few times during the slower points of the set to get the crowd amped. I have yet to be disappointed by one of 12th Planet’s performances.

I was able to catch bits of Excision and Skrillex‘s sets between trips to the beer garden. Both kept the crowd jumping with their bass-filled soundtracks to nondescript horror movies. The live collaboration between Skrillex and a few members of Korn was a highlight.

After a house version of “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, the Sahara tent shifted gears for the breakthrough hip-hop group, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Despite all the negative press regarding their performance, Odd Future was one of my favorite acts all weekend. Reminiscent of an old-school punk show, the group
did their best to incite a riot. The chaos of the set featured chants of “Wolf Gang!” and “Fuck the Police!”, crowd surfing, moshpits, some daring stunts by Tyler the Creator, and all around anarchy. Shout out to Big Tuna for keeping the party alive during this one!

Tyler the Creator-French (Toro y Moi Remix)


Once OFWGKTA ended, I had a brief time grab another drink, catch my breath, and enjoy some of A-Trak‘s feel-good combination of hip-hop and house. The transition between a cut-up, scratch-happy version of “All of the Lights” and “6’ 7′” was definitely a highlight.

What can I say about Afrojack that hasn’t been said already? This was the third Afrojack set I have had the pleasure to experience and it was unquestionably the best, and my favorite set of Coachella 2011. His ability to combine original, mind-blowing music with flawless, extended build-ups has always left me amazed. A testament to this was the presence of none other than Sir Paul McCartney. If music royalty has the good sense enjoy your set, your doing something right. I strive to think this is a sign of the upcoming dominance of electronic music.

Afrojack and Adele- Rolling in the Right (DEFEP Bootleg)



After a few shenanigans, I made it over the main stage to catch rock heavy-hitters, The Black Keys and Kings of Leon. Both bands tore the main stage up, with slashing guitar melodies and true southern rock style. I can’t wait to catch The Black Keys again at Bonnaroo!

The last portion of the night was dedicated to raging with some talented DJs. Boys Noize was on his game as usual, keeping the Sahara Tent going with his crazy, German techno sound. Hearing him drop his Daft Punk remix was a highlight for me. House legends, The Chemical Brothers, were given the main stage honor and they took full advantage of it. The HEAVY bass the stage had to offer, accompanied by some incredible production, made for one spectacular performance. Here’s another link to a track with the best of both worlds.
The Chemical Brothers- Swoon (Boys Noize Remix)


On Saturday, the weekend took a turn for the stranger. As such, I can no longer give a detailed play by play like Friday. Here are some of the highlights:

Trampled by Turtles fired up the main stage early with their own fast-paced blend of folk, country, and rock. Despite being a band more traditionally suited to play Stagecoach than Coachella, they put on an extremely enjoyable show.
Trampled by Turtles-Wait So Long


Two Door Cinema Club was a cool change of pace. Their light-hearted, indie rock style fit perfectly in the afternoon, and the crowd was loving them.

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work The Twelves Remix


Chuckie was the only electronic act I caught all day, but he was no disappointment. If there is any dutch house artist comparable to Afrojack, it’s Chuckie. His set, filled with deep bass and toy gun synths, certainly kept the Sahara Tent happy.

Carolina Marquez-Wicked Wow (Chuckie Extended Mix)


The last act to perform on Saturday I feel qualified to discuss is Mumford & Sons. The fast rising popularity of the band is well supported by the serious talent of the members and great music they release. They put on a flawless performance, jamming on each song, and using silence to build tension for their epic crescendos. And with the inclusion of a brass section as backup, it couldn’t have gotten any better.



Sunday was a day I will never forget. It was filled with wandering, see-saw riding, picture taking, H&M tent chilling, sunset watching, great music and amazing friends. Here are a few jams in dedication to the best, most emotion-filled day I have had in a long time.

The Strokes- Under Cover of Darkness

Jack Beats- All Night (feat. John B)

Ratatat-Allure (Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G.)


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Kaskade & Deadmau5 VS. Michael Woods- Move For First Aid (Kaskade Mash Up)

28 Mar

With all of the great female vocals from previous tracks, Kaskade creates mash ups with ease. According to the info for this song on soundcloud, he made this mash up specifically for Beyond Wonderland and the bonus (below) was actually debuted there as well. The “Move For Me” acapella sounds excellent over the mau5-y Michael Woods track, “First Aid”.

Kaskade & Deadmau5 VS. Michael Woods- Move For First Aid (Kaskade Mash Up)



Kaskade’s new remix of “Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites”!




Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go- Cinema + Remixes

9 Mar

So, unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Benny Benassi’s “Cinema” from the Skrillex remix that came out a while ago. Benny’s original mix, as well as several other remixes, was released today. I’m not really sure which one of these is my favorite, maybe the Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney mix? Find out which one is yours!

Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go- Cinema (Extended Mix)

Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go- Cinema (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix)

Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go- Cinema (DJ Mazza Club Mix)

Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go- Cinema (Congorock Remix)

Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go- Cinema (Skrillex Remix)




Steve Angello Size Matters & Skrillex

8 Nov

Steve Angello’s Size Matters compilation will be released in the United States tomorrow and is up for pre-order on iTunes. One cool track from the compilation that has been circulating the internet for a while is a remix of Pendulum’s, “The Island”, and I now have it in it’s full quality release for you all to enjoy!

Pendulum- The Island (Steve Angello, AN21, Max Vangelli Remix)*Download removed

Skrillex has been making a big name for himself holding 8 of the top 10 downloaded tracks in all of Beatport immediately after his latest release of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Most of his music is too noisy or too heavy for my tastes, but I stumbled upon a remix of his that surprisingly isn’t too much for me. He uses brighter synths, with melody, on top of a heavy house beat mixed with some catchy vocals, which all comes together very well!

Casxio- Seventeen (Skrillex Remix)


Opptimo is a new, disco influenced, electronic group from Turkey that has received support from artists such as Treasure Fingers, Mylo, and Beataucue. This one’s off their latest release, Travellers EP, that you can check out here!

Opptimo- Locate