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Indaba Music: WEST LA CNCT Digital Mixtape #2 Winners

1 Jun

The second round of the Indaba Music WEST LA CNCT Digital Mixtapes wrapped up today! With the continuation of this monthly mixtape, I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of music that seems to be constantly flowing through Indaba Music. If you are looking for great music of several different genres, you will definitely find it. Some of the more bassy submissions made the cut this time around, but there are certainly other great tracks in the genre of prog house and even hip-hop. I want to give a shout out to all of the entrants, and a big congrats to all of the winners! Check out Mixtape #1 if you missed it, and keep an eye out for Mixtape #3!

GangBangsters- 6:17 AM

A.Sense- Across The Light (Progressive Rework)

Hybrid Systematics- Nothing I Can Do (feat. Meytar D.)

DangerSounds- Feel That Thing

B-Loc- Polar – Classik

Holy Buckets- Natural

Skepsist- Introvert

Guy Richardson- Island At Sea

Coldswift- Where’s my girlfriend?

Hot Club- Boom Doobie




Indaba Music: WEST LA CNCT Digital Mixtape #1 Winners

9 May

The Indaba Music WEST LA CNCT Digital Mixtape #1 finally came to a close last week! We received over 100 submissions, which made it a very difficult process to select the 10 songs/artists that I felt deserved the spotlight on WEST LA CNCT. From a chill-out French track to dubstep to disco house, there was great variety in the submissions, but above all, they were all quality. Indaba Music has excellent opportunities for their members with undiscovered talent and I am honored to be a part of the promotion for these up and coming artists. Be sure to check out all of these tracks and if you want to be featured in the next mixtape check out the new submissions page HERE! Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to the winners!

ChokoDiscoManiac feat. Sarah- Jealous

Brandon Lett- Hear Me Out

Michelangelo Tegio- Mekazazzo – Don’t Stop

Skepsist- Cake

Kigro- Test

Veli Van Eski- Rolling Eyes

Luke Wieting- Starlapse

Streets of Neon- Cosmic Boulevard

Sally Strawberry and U. Kay H- Le Lac

Curt Wilhelmson- Spatial Jam




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