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Sound Remedy

20 Oct

So procrastination has kicked in on this Thursday evening and I’ve found Westlacnct worthy material for you all that can’t wait. Sound Remedy is churning out songs on a daily basis now and I personally can’t wait to click play when I see a new song up. The latest is a remix of Boys Noize‘s track Arcade Robot. I would normally say leave the Boys Noize track alone, but I am very glad Sound Remedy didn’t. This track has a 110 bpm moombahton feel to it but incorporates dubstep. It is very pleasing on the ears, so listen up and download for free from the Soundcloud link or by clicking the song title.

Boys Noize – Arcade Robot (Sound Remedy Remix)


Also about a week ago Sound Remedy released an original song which has ambient vocals in the buildup, and drops into a Electro bassline. Again listen and download if you like it.

Sound Remedy – Fighters (Feat. Invaderz)


Go to the Sound Remedy website for more free downloads!