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Rock Rotation

22 Jul

Lately, I’ve been trying to keep a balanced diet with my music listening. This equates to more rock mixed in with electronic music and even some classical for kicks. I just got some new earbud headphones, so I’ve been going through the different genres of music to test them out. These are some songs that have been in rotation for the past week or so. Take a break from EDM and get down to some rock.

Portugal. The Man- Senseless

Foster the People- Helena Beat

Phish- Free

The Black Keys- She’s Long Gone



New Red Hot Chili Peppers if you haven’t already heard!




Festival Review: Bonnaroo X (Saturday)

16 Jun

This years 'Arch' donned lights, a disco ball, and a giant hat and feather to celebrate Bonnaroo's 10 years of magic

Saturday at Bonnaroo started out being pretty mellow. Which is a good thing, because going to bed at 5:30 and having the intense sun and heat wake you up at 8:30 really takes a toll on you.  So the WESTLACNCT crew decided to take it easy for a bit and head into Centeroo around 3:30 to see Black Uhuru, an old school Jamaican reggae band, play on the main stage.  I had never heard of Black Uhuru, however Toks rightfully recommended them and I think we all thoroughly enjoyed their performance to jumpstart our day. Afterwards we headed over to That Tent to get a good spot for Portugal The Man, a four piece psychedelic indie-rock band from Portland;  you may know their song “People Say”, from their 2009 studio release, Satanist. Portugal The Man really killed it, they were definitely my favorite small act of the weekend.  Luckily, Portugal The Man has taken notes from their older brothers in the jam band community (something I hope all artists will catch on to) and they now offer free downloads of all their shows on their website (check in a few days for Bonnaroo performance to be up!).

After Portugal The Man we rushed over to catch Mumford and Sons take on a crowd of over 50,000 at the smaller main stage.  It was definitely the biggest crowd the smaller stage had ever seen, but somehow Mumford and Sons still managed to make it feel like an intimate performance. And despite the music being a little quiet, a problem that seemed to carry over to when Buffalo Springfield took the stage,  everyone was still dancing and having a blast! Mumford and Sons were a really tight group, performing songs from their debut album without any hiccups. But what I was really impressed with was the amount of–and great crowd response for–songs off their upcoming album, which they still have yet to hit the studio to make (cross your fingers for a late 2011 release). In the meantime take a listen to “Lover of the Light”, “Broken Crown”, “Below My Feet”, and “Nothing is Written” on youtube if you itching to hear some new Mumford before the album comes out.

Mumford and Sons

After Mumford and Sons we headed to the main stage to see a little band you might know called The Black Keys (If you didn’t catch that joke you should really take a second look at how The Black Keys BLEW UP  this year ever since their album Brothers came out).  I absolutely love The Black Keys stripped down guitar and drum duo.  They brought raw blues back with soo much style, it really makes me proud! Vocalist/guitar player Dan Auerbach’s voice does not disappoint at all live, and his guitar playing is right up there with it.  Him and drummer Patrick Carney make the perfect rock duo, I highly recommend seeing them before they get even bigger!

After the madness that was The Black Keys we stepped into another universe to witness my longtime heros Neil Young and Steven Stills put on a legendary performance with their band Buffalo Springfield. Neil Young had to be the funniest performer of the weekend with hilarious onstage banter like walking out onstage and saying “Hi! We’re from the past!” or waving his arms up at the crowd and mockingly singing “Bonnarooooooooo”.  But I dont want to let the comedy out-stage their amazing performance, because they were truly one of the weekends top acts.  Buffalo Springfield are Gods on that stage, some of the best guitar and vocal work I have ever witnessed!

"Bonarrooooooo"–So much love for Buffalo Springfield

 Next on the lineup came a rare late-night performance from the legendary String Cheese Incident.  I have been waiting years to catch a show from the jam band legends after seeing videos of their latest “Winter Carnivals” where shows include acrobats and all sorts of craziness.  So let me tell you straight up, it is almost impossible to describe the madness that went down during The String Cheese Incident. Do I talk about the fat dance party in the crowd while the band flawlessly jammed all types of music in their 3 hour set from bluegrass, to rock, to blues, to salsa, to reggae, to funk, to house and dubstep, and even a choreographed danced rap song!  Or maybe it was their awesome light rig! Or do I talk about in crowd antics like the giant t-rex parade float, or the hundreds of giant blow up balls bouncing around, or the guy flying a jet pack over the crowd, or the jellyfish-man-creature floating and dancing above the crowd suspended by balloons! I just don’t even know! That show was just CRAZY! Sensory overload to say the least! Please check out The String Cheese Incident or their more touring live-dubstep side project EOTO in the near future, they are such talented and creative musicians!

String Cheese Incident

As if the night couldn’t get any better (or weirder) we get out of the String Cheese Incident to see Girl Talk killing it!  However life is about compromises and we weren’t about to miss longtime favorite’s Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) play until the sunrise!  STS9 will always remain one of my favorite bands. Why? Because every time I see them they always seem to be changing their sound around, and they NEVER disappoint.  Sometimes they can sound like a killer rock band, however this time around in the late night tent they were laying into some crazy electronic, bass-heavy psychedelic jams!  They really kill it unlike any other band I’ve seen!  No one can produce that mind blowing live electronic inspired sound that they have!  I highly recommend going to an STS9 show especially if you are near their hometown of Santa Cruz, CA! 

So thats it, for now… Sunday’s review will be out very shortly!

I strongly recommend going to Bonnaroo once in your lifetime; it is becoming one of the most unique and strange traditions in America.   You will have the time of your life, guaranteed.  So if you would like to go next year the folks at Superfly have already announced dates and released early bird tickets for 2012 here! So get on it! What are you waiting for!

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Portugal. The Man- The Sun

17 Feb

I recently just discovered the greatness of Portugal. The Man. They will be hitting some festivals around the U.S. this summer, most notably (for me and hopefully you), Bonnaroo. This song is what got me hooked to their indie rock sound. I thought it was going to rain again today, but it turns out that it is a beautiful day with the sun shining. Enjoy “The Sun”.

Portugal. The Man- The Sun




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