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Nosaj Thing & The Glitch Mob

14 Nov

Hello everyone! My apologies for the lack of posting yesterday. I went on a little camping trip out to the wonderful, Joshua Tree. So, I just got back and I’m catching up on some music. What timing for a remix of a Nosaj Thing song to come out a couple of days after my post on him! Boreta, a member of the Glitch Mob, was asked to do a remix of Nosaj’s song “Coat of Arms,” and the result was a nice and heavy tune all in Glitch Mob style!

Nosaj Thing- Coat of Arms (Boreta of The Glitch Mob)





Nosaj Thing

11 Nov

A Los Angeles native, Jason Chung, also known as, Nosaj Thing,  has been steadily making progress rising up out of the underground electronic music scene. Inspired by the Hip-Hop radio stations, that his elementary bus school driver would play on his way to school, and the rave scene involving drum and bass, Chung figured out how to use his father’s old PC to start making music. His primitive ways, on an old PC, eventually evolved into his very unique style and progressive-experimental sound. Chung’s use of beat pads to trigger loops are the basis of his sets, and clearly shows his talent and innovation that sets him apart from the rest. Earlier in his career he played at an underground Los Angeles music event, Low End Theory, from which he gained exposure to new fans and also bigger artists such as Flying Lotus, Nobody, and Daedelus. Tonight, Nosaj Thing is playing his own headlining show at the El Rey Theatre just down Wilshire, so if you are in the Los Angeles area, I would drop whatever plans you have and go!

Nosaj Thing- Aquarium***Sampled for Kid CuDi’s “Man On The Moon (The Anthem)”

Nosaj Thing- Heart Entire

The xx- Islands (Nosaj Thing Remix)

Video of Nosaj’s insane visual show which he will be performing tonight!




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