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WEST LA CNCT Exclusive Interview: Carl Louis & Martin Danielle

29 Nov

Carl Louis & Martin Danielle are a duo of very talented producer/DJ’s who are only starting to gain the respect they deserve in House music. They have had a considerable amount of success already, receiving support from some of the biggest Electronic artists in the world such as Swedish House Mafia, Axwell, and Tiesto, and recently, Beatport featured their own Top 10 chart. With their growing popularity, Carl Louis & Martin Danielle focus their music expertise in producing original, energetic, and melodic tracks that are soon to be widely played at Electronic music events around the globe. Martin Danielle (pictured here), whose real name is Martin Bjercke, is a 22-year-old originally from Norway, but currently resides in New York City, making good use of his time combining music with school. He was kind enough to sacrifice his time for not only a WEST LA CNCT Exclusive interview, but the first interview ever for this blog!

WLAC: When did you first start making music? What were your inspirations? Have you pursued any other musical endeavors before Carl Louis and Martin Danielle?

M: We both started around the age of 17/18. We were really getting caught up in house music, so Carl invested in production gear and I bought a mixer and two cdjs and we just shared it all. We have had a couple of aliases before Carl Louis & Martin Danielle, but we figured early on that these names felt the most natural. In the beginning we actually formed a DJ collective called “The Goodfellas” but it never worked out. So Carl and I decided to pursue the music life on our own.

WLAC: How do you describe your music to people?

M: Lots of energy and focus on strong melodies. That’s at least what we have in mind when we are working. We want to make people happy and create those goose-bump moments on the dance floor.

WLAC: What aspects of a song do you consider most important when producing?

M: As I mention our focus lies in creating energy and strong melodies, but we also try to diversify our tracks as much as possible. It is easy to fall into the path of recreating something that you know already works, but this will stop you from evolving as a producer.   The real challenge is to be original. I don’t have the count of how many great ideas we have scraped because we feel they are not original enough.

WLAC: Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

M: I have performed at almost every club with merit in Norway, plus I have been fortunate to play at some great spots in NYC, Miami, Aspen (Co), Geneva(Switzerland) and Marbella(Spain). My favorite gig must have been when I was invited to DJ at the Soulfurios Sessions at Shore Club Hotel last year at the WMC. Some really big names played at that show and I felt honored to be able to share the same decks. The list included: Ian Carey, Chocolate Puma, Bart, B More, ATFC, Syke n’ Sugarstar among others. I also love playing at the Tryvann Festival in Norway. I have been doing this festival each year since ‘ 08 and the atmosphere there is just amazing!

At the moment i don’t have too much lined up for the future, Im certain my schedule will fill it self up soon! PROMOTERS HERE IS MY EMAIL: booking@martindanielle.com hehehehe.

WLAC: What has been the most memorable moment of your career to date?

M: Many would probably think it was when Axwell first started playing “The Message” or maybe when he re-edited it, which was sooo huge for us. Who can say that Axwell has re-edited their track? Don’t get me wrong, I do cherish these moments a lot, but for me it was when we were in the studio and developing that track. The feeling I got when we nailed those chords was indescribable. I just knew we had gold on our hands.

WLAC: Who are your favorite artists, electronic or any other genre?

M: Not very surprising I love Axwell, but my all time favorite artists are Royksopp (maybe its because they also are Norwegian : D ) I also am a big fan of names such as Miike Snow, Lykke Li, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Dennis Ferrer, Style of Eye, Gramatik, Pleasurekraft, Chocolate Puma, Robyn, N.E.R.D, Kanye West and Kid Cudi.

WLAC: What can we expect from Carl Louis and Martin Danielle in 2011?

M: Hopefully a lot! We are constantly developing our sound and working on new projects. I guess we just have to wait and see!


Carl Louis & Martin Danielle- The Message (Buy)

Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are (Carl Louis and Martin Danielle Classic Mix) (Buy)

Carl Louis & Martin Danielle vs Coldplay, MGMT, Salem Al Fakir- Kids Are True in Technicolor (Carl Louis & Martin Danielle Bootleg)***


Carl Louis & Martin Danielle Links:


Martin Danielle Myspace

Carl Louis Myspace




Booking: booking@martindanielle.com

Swedish House Mafia playing Axwell’s edit of Carl Louis & Martin Danielle’s “The Message” (0:00-1:50)! Looks insane!



Congratulations Erol Alkan!

28 Oct

If you are not familiar with him, Erol Alkan is an world-renowned Electro House DJ from London, England.  Erol is an incredibly dynamic performer as well as a talented producer.  His track with Boys Noize, Lemonade, is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!  Once that squelchy synth kicks in, its hard not to jump around, no matter where your listening to the song.  Lucky for us, he has made another hit.  MGMT’s most recent single, “Congratulations”, has never sounded so good.  It has dreamy, psychedelic vocals that will bounce in your head and enough groove to make your parents wish they were back at the roller disco.  Be sure to buy it when it comes out November 23!  But if you can not wait that long, download the full version now exclusively from West LA Cnct!!

MGMT-Congratulations(Erol Alkan Remix)***320 kbps



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