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Lightning In A Bottle 2011

23 May

Los Angeles is home to a plethora of excellent music companies, but The Do LaB is certainly one that stands out amongst the rest. For more than a decade, their creative minds have been providing Southern California with a very unique service: creating an experience as an art form. Driven by a desire to challenge people’s preconceived notions of reality and what is 
possible, the countless hours of work and dedication of The Do LaB, has led to the gathering of thousands in celebration of Art, Music, Performance, Sustainability and Life.

The Lightning In A Bottle Festival has found it’s home in the beautiful and inspiring environment of the Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, CA (an hour South of LA), which is surrounded by rolling hills, lush Oak Trees, and reservoirs. Taking into account all that the festival has to offer in this natural setting is just one of the things that makes it a truly unique experience.

Music and Art are certainly the main attractions of the festival, but The Do LaB wanted to create a more worthwhile and beneficial opportunity for anyone who is willing to take the time to learn through their educational offerings such as speakers and workshops. If you are more musically inclined (as I am), you are set for a very memorable weekend with a vast array of artists including Pretty Lights, Thievery Corporation, MiM0SA, and the Lucent Dossier Experience, to name a few. I’ve also been dying to see some smaller acts such as Gladkill, Stephan Jacobs, and Love & Light.

As for Art, there will be a number of beautiful works ranging from large installations to paintings to crafts from vendors. There will also be a silent auction held for the benefit of The Do LaB’s non-profit organization, The Do ArT Foundation. I can’t wait to explore and discover all of the art featured at the festival!

These next few days will be painstakingly slow, as I am ecstatic to attend my first Lightning In A Bottle with WEST LA CNCT‘s own: Allione and Nathan Podshadley. Since the beginning of the festival over 10 years ago with only 200 attendees, it has definitely come a long way, and I am looking forward to watching it grow and develop further!

I want to wish everyone a safe and incredible weekend, we will see you there!


Check out the set times here and if you want to listen to something to get you ready for the dancing and shenanigans that will take place, the Sex Pixels have just the mix for you. They were the winners of a mix contest which got them an opening slot at the Bamboo stage Friday afternoon. Enjoy!


For more information and updates, check the Lightning In A Bottle website, facebook, and twitter!






21 Apr

These are all great dubstep tracks! I am at home for the weekend, so now I won’t have to worry about loud music. I am definitely going to take full advantage of this and you should too! Enjoy.

Oh Land- Wolf & I (Udar Remix)

Jay-Z- Dirt (jOBOT Remix)

Love and Light- The Rooster!

Document One- Clap




Red Hot Chili Peppers- Can’t Stop (Love and Light Remix)

30 Mar

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been one of my favorite bands for a long time, so when I saw this remix, I got really excited. Thankfully, Love and Light makes quality tracks and they gave the Chili Peppers justice, bringing them into the electronic music realm in dubstep style!

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Can’t Stop (Love and Light Remix)




Monday Dub

29 Nov

This first monday back from Thanksgiving break has been a rough one, but thankfully there is some good dub to be heard. The first song posted, a Gemini remix of “Oxygen,” is a solid track with bright melodic synths and vocals, which are definitely a plus. The song by Love and Light called “Dreams,” doesn’t drop until the 1:16 mark but when it does you’ll be hit with some cool “whomp” sounds that will probably surprise you, as they did me. I like both of these, so check them out!

Hadouken!- Oxygen (Gemini Remix)

Love and Light- Dreams




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