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Moar Hard Posts n Stuff

26 Oct

There are only 256 more hours until the light-filled, bass-heavy, kandi-flying spectacular that will be HARD Haunted Mansion 2010 finally begins!  In honor of this, here are a couple tracks by two artists that are guaranteed to make a bang this year.

First off is a new track from the UK dubstep duo Nero. True to the style in their other hit productions, “Me and You” brings the classic Nero blend of rock and up-tempo dubstep.

Nero- Me and You

Boys Noize is never one to let an audience down. His unique blend of nu-disco and electro house has the special ability to keep the crowd jammin’ for hours.  The Chemical Brothers released an album named Further earlier this summer, and Boys Noize has reinvented its hit single, “Swoon”, in a wonderfully funky and melodic way. This song is a must have!

Chemical Brothers-Swoon(Boys Noize Remix)***

Finally, It is my pleasure to announce that the url of West LA Cnct is no longer westlacnct.wordpress.com, but westlacnct.com!



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