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Mansions On The Moon

3 Nov

Mansions On The Moon is a new up and coming group of three artists, Lane Shaw and Ben Hazlegrove (of Pnuma Trio), along with singer/songwriter, Ted Wendler. Currently, they are working on a debut album in Los Angeles and are announcing its release, along with tour dates, early next year. They released a remix album, Paradise Falls, presented by Diplo and DJ Benzi, which can be streamed and downloaded here. Mansions On The Moon’s musical capabilities have a lot of potential with their electronic sound, unique from any other, combined with aesthetically pleasing atmospheric vocals. They are certainly a group to look out for in the future! Here’s a taste of their remix album…

Mansions On The Moon- Satellite (MotM x Deadmau5)

Mansions On The Moon- Glimpse of the Future (Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang Remix)

Here’s a cool music video of theirs’, definitely worth watching…



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