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Finally, Mr. Mau5!

1 Nov

Finally, Deadmau5 has released “Sofi Needs a Ladder”!  In September last year, the earliest forms of this song began to circle around the internet under the title, “ You Need a Ladder“.  It featured extended samples of the Zelda theme song and a heavy electro house beat.  The song resurfaced at Coachella 2010 amidst Deadmau5’5 EPIC performance (This was the debut of his “cube” light setup).  The Zelda samples were no longer included, but a distinct female voice now punched throughout the song.  This voice belonged to none other than Tommy Lee’s girlfriend, Sofi, whose name is an acronym for “Some Other Female Interest”.

At the end of last month, a remix contest began for “Sofi Needs a Ladder”.  The winner, which will be announced November 23, will receive an opening spot for Deadmau5 on his upcoming tour.  A creative electro remix by contestants Caudill & Turnipseed is included in the inaugural West LA Cnct post.   “Sofi Needs a Ladder” will be included in Deadmau5’5 upcoming album, 4 x 4= 12, released on December 6th.  Check out the full track listing at Consequence of Sound.

Deadmau5-Sofi Needs a Ladder



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