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Sound Remedy

20 Oct

So procrastination has kicked in on this Thursday evening and I’ve found Westlacnct worthy material for you all that can’t wait. Sound Remedy is churning out songs on a daily basis now and I personally can’t wait to click play when I see a new song up. The latest is a remix of Boys Noize‘s track Arcade Robot. I would normally say leave the Boys Noize track alone, but I am very glad Sound Remedy didn’t. This track has a 110 bpm moombahton feel to it but incorporates dubstep. It is very pleasing on the ears, so listen up and download for free from the Soundcloud link or by clicking the song title.

Boys Noize – Arcade Robot (Sound Remedy Remix)


Also about a week ago Sound Remedy released an original song which has ambient vocals in the buildup, and drops into a Electro bassline. Again listen and download if you like it.

Sound Remedy – Fighters (Feat. Invaderz)


Go to the Sound Remedy website for more free downloads!



Coachella 2011 Recap

29 Apr

For me, it was an event categorized more by experiences than music. With that being said, here’s my take and a few jams dedicated to the best party around.

Friday began with some heavy sunshine and even heavier dubstep. As usual, 12th Planet threw down an energetic, crowd-pleasing set. Dubstep’s American embassador has great taste for new music and tons of stage presence. He stood on the DJ booth a few times during the slower points of the set to get the crowd amped. I have yet to be disappointed by one of 12th Planet’s performances.

I was able to catch bits of Excision and Skrillex‘s sets between trips to the beer garden. Both kept the crowd jumping with their bass-filled soundtracks to nondescript horror movies. The live collaboration between Skrillex and a few members of Korn was a highlight.

After a house version of “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, the Sahara tent shifted gears for the breakthrough hip-hop group, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Despite all the negative press regarding their performance, Odd Future was one of my favorite acts all weekend. Reminiscent of an old-school punk show, the group
did their best to incite a riot. The chaos of the set featured chants of “Wolf Gang!” and “Fuck the Police!”, crowd surfing, moshpits, some daring stunts by Tyler the Creator, and all around anarchy. Shout out to Big Tuna for keeping the party alive during this one!

Tyler the Creator-French (Toro y Moi Remix)


Once OFWGKTA ended, I had a brief time grab another drink, catch my breath, and enjoy some of A-Trak‘s feel-good combination of hip-hop and house. The transition between a cut-up, scratch-happy version of “All of the Lights” and “6’ 7′” was definitely a highlight.

What can I say about Afrojack that hasn’t been said already? This was the third Afrojack set I have had the pleasure to experience and it was unquestionably the best, and my favorite set of Coachella 2011. His ability to combine original, mind-blowing music with flawless, extended build-ups has always left me amazed. A testament to this was the presence of none other than Sir Paul McCartney. If music royalty has the good sense enjoy your set, your doing something right. I strive to think this is a sign of the upcoming dominance of electronic music.

Afrojack and Adele- Rolling in the Right (DEFEP Bootleg)



After a few shenanigans, I made it over the main stage to catch rock heavy-hitters, The Black Keys and Kings of Leon. Both bands tore the main stage up, with slashing guitar melodies and true southern rock style. I can’t wait to catch The Black Keys again at Bonnaroo!

The last portion of the night was dedicated to raging with some talented DJs. Boys Noize was on his game as usual, keeping the Sahara Tent going with his crazy, German techno sound. Hearing him drop his Daft Punk remix was a highlight for me. House legends, The Chemical Brothers, were given the main stage honor and they took full advantage of it. The HEAVY bass the stage had to offer, accompanied by some incredible production, made for one spectacular performance. Here’s another link to a track with the best of both worlds.
The Chemical Brothers- Swoon (Boys Noize Remix)


On Saturday, the weekend took a turn for the stranger. As such, I can no longer give a detailed play by play like Friday. Here are some of the highlights:

Trampled by Turtles fired up the main stage early with their own fast-paced blend of folk, country, and rock. Despite being a band more traditionally suited to play Stagecoach than Coachella, they put on an extremely enjoyable show.
Trampled by Turtles-Wait So Long


Two Door Cinema Club was a cool change of pace. Their light-hearted, indie rock style fit perfectly in the afternoon, and the crowd was loving them.

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work The Twelves Remix


Chuckie was the only electronic act I caught all day, but he was no disappointment. If there is any dutch house artist comparable to Afrojack, it’s Chuckie. His set, filled with deep bass and toy gun synths, certainly kept the Sahara Tent happy.

Carolina Marquez-Wicked Wow (Chuckie Extended Mix)


The last act to perform on Saturday I feel qualified to discuss is Mumford & Sons. The fast rising popularity of the band is well supported by the serious talent of the members and great music they release. They put on a flawless performance, jamming on each song, and using silence to build tension for their epic crescendos. And with the inclusion of a brass section as backup, it couldn’t have gotten any better.



Sunday was a day I will never forget. It was filled with wandering, see-saw riding, picture taking, H&M tent chilling, sunset watching, great music and amazing friends. Here are a few jams in dedication to the best, most emotion-filled day I have had in a long time.

The Strokes- Under Cover of Darkness

Jack Beats- All Night (feat. John B)

Ratatat-Allure (Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G.)


Last, but certainly not least, I have the honor of introducing the partnership between WEST LA CNCT and Veloce Hats! Veloce Hats is a Los Angeles based company fueled by the imagination of designer and founder, Cameron Picardi. Cameron has drawn inspiration from all aspects of the fast-paced city life to create unique, timeless designs.

Veloce Hats strives to support fellow startup businesses and artists of all industries. It understands a diverse city like Los Angeles has tons of creativity to offer, and that these up-and-coming innovators will lead the push toward the city’s artistic future. WEST LA CNCT is proud to debut the promotional video, “Our Summer Daze”, for the collaboration between tank top trend-setters, Once Youth, and Veloce Hats!

Check out all Veloce Hats has to offer HERE!




Tron: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D

5 Apr

Tron: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D is out! Many of you have probably already heard the whole thing by now because of the leak, so this release date is a bit diminished. Check these out if you haven’t already!

Daft Punk- Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix)

Daft Punk- Derezzed (Avicii Remix)

Daft Punk- Fall (M83 Vs Big Black Delta Remix)

Daft Punk- End Of Line (Boys Noize Remix)


New Glitch Mob video for their remix!




Tron: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D Streams

21 Mar

So if you haven’t heard by now, Tron: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D was leaked. The album as a concept is pretty awesome and thankfully, so is the music! Although, I wish Daft Punk was actually involved in this. Regardless, there are definitely several gems on the release. I’ve put up some of my favorites on here for you all to stream and enjoy! Keep a heads up for the official release on April 5th!

Pre-order Here!

Daft Punk- Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix)

Daft Punk- Derezzed (Avicii Remix)

Daft Punk- Fall (M83 Vs Big Black Delta Remix)

Daft Punk- Adagio For Tron (Teddybears Remix)

Daft Punk- End Of Line (Boys Noize Remix)

Daft Punk- Rinzler (Kaskade Remix)

Daft Punk- Solar Sailer (Pretty Lights Remix)




Daft Punk- End of Line (Boys Noize Remix)

14 Mar

The tunes off of Tron: R3CONFIGUR3D are slowly surfacing! Check out this sick Boys Noize mix!




Hard Haunted Mansion Recap

2 Nov

Harder Stage- Special guest: Miike Snow (DJ-set)So I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to go to Hard this year, sadly, due to other priorities, but Sunday afternoon a friend convinced me to go. I definitely made a great decision despite the fact that I am writing this post severely deprived of sleep, but it was worth it. Anyway, I was only in attendance Sunday night but I know many people who went Saturday. The people I have talked to say the best sets were from Rusko and the Bloody Beetroots. Sunday night, my favorites were A-trak, the special guest, Miike Snow (DJ-set), and Boys Noize closing the Halloweekend all the way from Deutschland. This years production, at the inside stage and outside stage, was definitely an improvement on last years although they were lacking some necessities (LASERS!). The crowd in attendance were the typical L.A. party people creating a good festive vibe for the night. I’ve heard Saturday was an awesome time and Sunday definitely was as well, so I’d say it was a very successful Hard Haunted Mansion! As a recap, here are some songs you might have jumped around to, pumped your fist to, or even danced around to with movements foreign to many onlookers!

Flux Pavilion- Lines In Wax Ft. Foreign Beggars***Rusko opened up with this dub banger

Cassius- I Love You So (TROWA Remix)***Busy P dropped the original mix of this one, but I like this dubstep version better!

Boys Noize- Yeah*Heard multiple times Sunday night

The Chemical Brothers- Dissolve (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Rogerseventytwo- Take Me Higher*Disco House, courtesy of A-trak, mixed in with a little Duck Sauce

Here’s a little clip of the madness just in case you missed it!



Congratulations Erol Alkan!

28 Oct

If you are not familiar with him, Erol Alkan is an world-renowned Electro House DJ from London, England.  Erol is an incredibly dynamic performer as well as a talented producer.  His track with Boys Noize, Lemonade, is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!  Once that squelchy synth kicks in, its hard not to jump around, no matter where your listening to the song.  Lucky for us, he has made another hit.  MGMT’s most recent single, “Congratulations”, has never sounded so good.  It has dreamy, psychedelic vocals that will bounce in your head and enough groove to make your parents wish they were back at the roller disco.  Be sure to buy it when it comes out November 23!  But if you can not wait that long, download the full version now exclusively from West LA Cnct!!

MGMT-Congratulations(Erol Alkan Remix)***320 kbps



Moar Hard Posts n Stuff

26 Oct

There are only 256 more hours until the light-filled, bass-heavy, kandi-flying spectacular that will be HARD Haunted Mansion 2010 finally begins!  In honor of this, here are a couple tracks by two artists that are guaranteed to make a bang this year.

First off is a new track from the UK dubstep duo Nero. True to the style in their other hit productions, “Me and You” brings the classic Nero blend of rock and up-tempo dubstep.

Nero- Me and You

Boys Noize is never one to let an audience down. His unique blend of nu-disco and electro house has the special ability to keep the crowd jammin’ for hours.  The Chemical Brothers released an album named Further earlier this summer, and Boys Noize has reinvented its hit single, “Swoon”, in a wonderfully funky and melodic way. This song is a must have!

Chemical Brothers-Swoon(Boys Noize Remix)***

Finally, It is my pleasure to announce that the url of West LA Cnct is no longer westlacnct.wordpress.com, but westlacnct.com!



Hard Haunted Mansion 2010

25 Oct

So It’s just about that time of year again for the great, Hard Haunted Mansion . Last year, I attended both nights of the Halloween mayhem, and had an incredible time. The highlights of my experience were the sets of A-trak, The Bloody Beetroots (DJ set), Deadmau5 (2 nights in a row!), and Justice. This year, the most anticipated artists are Rusko, Calvin Harris, Jack Beats, Boys Noize, The Bloody Beetroots (Live set), as well as A-trak. The first night, Saturday, is sold out so the Shrine will be filled to the brim with costume-wearing raver freaks! Get your glow-sticks ready and start making your kandi! Just kidding, neither apparently aren’t allowed! Anyway, here are some tunes to indulge in for the week!

Big Boi- Shutterbug (Jack Beats Remix)

Calvin Harris- You Used To Hold Me (S.Co & D’arrigo Bootleg)*Calvin Harris+Steve Angello’s Knas!

The Bloody Beetroots- Domino


Pyramid ft. Julie Thompson- Cruel (SKisM Remix)***BIG!

Slum Dogz- For All Time*Rusko’s been droppin’ this one lately