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Bassnectar at the Hollywood Palladium Preview

5 Sep

Last October, Bassnectar threw down an incredible performance for Los Angeles at the Wiltern and I am very happy that I was there to witness it. This Friday, we’re getting the chance to experience the bass and mayhem yet again, but this time, the party will be at the Hollywood Palladium. It is set to be an excellent night for all the bass heads that attend, especially with the Colorado-based opener, Big Gigantic. WEST LA CNCT will be covering the event, so keep an eye out for photos and a review next Monday! I couldn’t be more excited to see Bassnectar for my fourth time, so I hope to see you there to party with one of the best DJ’s around.





Bassnectar- Divergent Spectrum

2 Aug

Bassnectar’s newest effort, Divergent Spectrum, officially dropped today! There are definitely some gems on the album and I have posted my favorites here. We are stoked to be covering his show at the Hollywood Palladium on September 9th, so get your tickets if you haven’t already! Check these out and get the full album here!

Rollz – Plugged In (Bassnectar Remix)

Bassnectar- Parade Into Centuries

Bassnectar- Paging Stereophonic




Bassnectar- Upside Down

29 Jun

It’s always a pleasure when Bassnectar releases a new track for free. This one is brand new and is set for an official release with the rest of his new album, Divergent Spectrum, on August 2nd. Check it.

Bassnectar- Upside Down (Radio Edit)




Festival Review: Bonnaroo X (Thursday and Friday)

15 Jun

If you have been wondering where have all the posts been this past week, WEST LA CNCT has a semi-legitimate excuse for the lack of new music.  The truth of the matter is that we have all been losing our minds at the musical utopia known as Bonnaroo X.

It was hotter than hell.  It was dustier than ever.  We got maybe three hours of sleep every night. But it was the most magical experience of our lives!

Bonnaroo’s 10th birthday party kicked off on a little (700 acre) farm in Manchester, TN.  The party began Thursday night after most of the 80,000+ attendees made it to the festival grounds.  It was a good way to ease into the madness that ensued in the next few days.  We got to enjoy the giant mushroom fountain, ferris wheel, bobble head sculptures, and run around from This Tent to That Tent to The Other Tent without an overwhelming crowd to hold us back.  And of course we got to see some stellar music.   At the top of our music highlights of Thursday night would have to be Sleigh Bells, a noise pop duo hailing from Booklyn, NY, who pretty much blew everyones hipster glasses off with their dance friendly tunes.  Thursday night also included performances by other indie acts Best Coast, Band of Skulls, Deer Hunter,–and to end off the night–Beats Antique.

Friday was the more official kick off to the festival.  As a little day time warm up we saw all types of bands from legends like Bela Fleck & The Original Flecktones, Warren Haynes Band, and Wanda Jackson to rap superstars Atmosphere to Bonnaroo vets Primus and Grace Potter!

Jim James of My Morning Jacket

But the real magic didn’t come until six-time Bonnaroo vets My Morning Jacket played a killer 2 hour set on the main stage followed by another unreal set from Bonnaroo rookies Arcade Fire. My Morning Jacket played some great songs from their new album “Circuital” mixed in with classics like “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2”, “Evil Urges”, “One Big Holiday”, and “Wordless Chorus”–just to name a few–even bringing out special guests from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to accompany them on some tracks. Canadian six-piece band  Arcade Fire blew me away with their amazing talent both instrumentally and vocally and played a great mix of songs from all four of their studio albums. Both sets will forever stick in my memory as some of the greatest performances I’ve ever witnessed.

Up next was the late night acts, and who better to kick off the night than Bassnectar performing inside This Tent from 12:30-2:00.  Obviously word of Bassnectar‘s crazy live sets has gotten out because his crowd reached WAY outside the tent almost all the way past the mushroom fountain.  But that didn’t stop us from getting right in the middle of the action almost front row to get our shit rocked by some unbelievably dirty bass.  If you haven’t seen Bassnectar yet, get on it because he is on FIRE right now. Next came one the harder compromises of the weekend, so we shot over to check out 4-5 songs including crowd favorites like “Loud Pipes” from, my personal heros, Ratatat who were absolutely killing it. Then we went over to the madness that is Shpongle performing on a crazy rig he likes to call the Shpongletron Experience.  And it really was an experience–from on stage dancers, to morphing and melting Shpongle masks, to the unreal ‘third eye’ that had a crazy lazer show coming out of it!  Shpongle thoroughly impressed us all by dropping awesomely mind-melting tracks ranging from deep trance to worldly Indian/Middle-Eastern tracks.  It was quite the experience.  Then to top the night off, when we all thought we couldn’t handle anything else,  we walked over to catch Pretty Lights throw it down with a very impressive light and sound rig until the sun literally rose. What a night!

Shpongletron Experience

Check back soon for a review of Saturday and Sunday, when more magic really kicked in!

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Daladubz- Pink Elephants VIP

2 May

This one is for all the Bass Heads that have been attending Bassnectar shows recently! If you haven’t had the chance to catch a Bassnectar show on his latest tour or if you haven’t seen any of the videos, he’s been dropping this crazy dubstep track, complete with pink elephant visuals to match. It’s a heavy one, so brace yourself.

Daladubz- Pink Elephants VIP




The Bangles- Walk Like An Egyptian (Bassnectar’s 2003 Remix)

14 Feb

Bassnectar put out this remix on his blog today showing Egypt some love after everything that’s been going on out there. This is definitely some old school nectar, so please enjoy and pay your respects to Egypt with their revolution!

The Bangles- Walk Like An Egyptian (Bassnectar’s 2003 Remix)




Ellie Goulding- Lights (Bassnectar Remix)

1 Feb

So today is just a great day for music with Dada’s new track out and now I just came across this Bassnectar remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights”. Ellie Goulding + Bassnectar are a match made in heaven and this is my favorite remix of “Lights” out of all the ones floating around the internet. Enjoy.

Ellie Goulding- Lights (Bassnectar Remix)




Bassnectar & Datsik- YES

23 Nov

Bassnectar and Datsik did a song together! This one’s pretty cool with a little bit of reggae influence and sounds more like Bassnectar, but you can definitely hear some Datsik that (thankfully) isn’t as industrial sounding as his usual production. Enjoy!

Bassnectar & Datsik- YES




Bassnectar BBC Mix

17 Nov

I am proud to say that I was lucky enough to attend Bassnectar’s mind-blowing show at the Wiltern last month. Since then, Bassnectar has been killing it around the United States and now in Europe. He even took the time to stop by the BBC with Annie Nightingale and recorded a fresh mix which will give you just a tiny taste, I repeat, just a tiny taste, of his ridiculous sets that he has been dropping throughout his tour. I have put up his half-hour mix for you all to enjoy!

Bassnectar- BBC Mixtape 2010


Here’s a video of Bassnectar’s insanity on his Fall tour!

Song in the video:
Bassnectar- Falling (feat. Paper Machete) (Buy)




Dubstep Favorites

10 Nov

There has definitely been a lack of good electronic music released this week, so I’ve decided to do a post of some dubstep favorites! All must haves!

Bassnectar- The 808 Track (feat. Mighty High Coup)***

Blu Mar Ten- Nobody Here (Kastle Remix)***

Dansette Junior- Paranoid***



The News- Bassnectar

19 Oct

Two weekends ago, Bassnectar played a sold out show at the wonderful old theater named the Wiltern, in Hollywood. A couple buddies and I were lucky enough to experience what Bassnectar had to offer in his 2 hour time slot. Needless to say, all the bass heads who were in attendance had their faces melted, no exaggeration there. From a new unreleased remix of Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked to the old crowd favorite, Magical World, and all the floor-shaking bangers in between, that set stands amongst the best I’ve ever seen. Lorin (Bassnectar) also played many new tracks off of his freshly released Wildstyle EP, which you can purchase on his website bassnectar.net.

Here’s a taste of the Wildstyle EP:

A mellower tune but excellent nonetheless!

Bassnectar- Underwater ft. Tina Malia (click link to download)

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