Monday Goodies #12

28 Nov

Weekly update here, Thanksgiving is over and I’m still eating turkney, nom nom!

First up is an original from Loops Of Fury, a UK based duo, that is bringing grime to the electro scene. I’m really feeling this one, the romantic vocals into a furious drop of bass gets me every time.

Loops Of Fury – I Need



Next up is the Brazillian duo known as Felguk. Their latest release, Bassive, is just has the title sounds, massive bass. Oh yeah, bass!

Felguk – Bassive



Lastly we have someone I’ve had my eye on for awhile and is now springing to the forefronts of edm as we speak. Alvin Risk has been putting out dubstep with a very unique sound to it. Fresh of remixing Earthquakey People and Kill The Noise, he throws out this moombahcore blasta with his signature synth rattling the drop. Be sure to play this one out.

Oh My – Dirty Dancer (Alvin Risk Remix)





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