Skrillex – 20 Minute Mix from BBC Radio 1

17 Nov

So I could just post all the new Skrillex rips that are floating around the internet, but that wouldn’t be true WESTLACNT style. So instead I give you Skrillex‘s 20 minute mix with Zane Lowe on the famous BBC Radio 1 (BTW most of these rips are from this mix). The track listing is as follows:

1. Skrillex – Cat Rats

2. KOAN Sound – Meanwhile In The Future

3. Skrillex – Syndicate VIP

4. Skrillex – ‘Devil’s Nest’ feat 12th Planet

5. Skrillex & The Doors- Breakin’ A Sweat

6. Skream – Anticipate (feat. Sam Frank)

7. Skrillex – True Gangsters

8. KOAN Sound – The Edge

9. Kill The Noise – Talk To Me

10. Skrillex – Jam Swag Ft. 12th Planet & Kill the Noise

11: Skrillex – DNB Ting

12. Skrillex – Kyoto ft. Sirah


Skrillex BBC Radio 1 20 Minute Mix w/ Zane Lowe






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