Introducing: The Terry Byrne Band, WEST LA CNCT Exclusive: “Woman”

6 Jun

Life without internet in the Moontower has been a bit twisted, but thankfully we’re back online. There is no better way to get back going than to give the long overdue, WEST LA CNCT introduction of The Terry Byrne Band. Plastic handle swiggin’, Chicago blues master, Terry Byrne shows a beat heavy generation just what life was like before your Akai MPC was invented. The music can almost be seen as a flashback to a generation when music had some intrinsic, deeper meaning. Yet despite this old world feel, there can be no question as to its relevance today. The songs are infused with themes of love and restlessness, which give the music an honest, genuine feel. Who can’t vibe with that?

The raw, instrumental talent Terry brings to the band is complimented exceptionally by the incredible technical knowledge of producer and drummer, Bo Jacobson. Scope his work with Hugh Augustine the MC here. Last but not least, Josh Jove slashes through song after song as lead guitarist, while also keeping The Terry Byrne Band sound fresh as a creative songwriter.

Terry has been kind enough to release a fresh track, “Woman”, exclusive to the WEST LA CNCT audience. It features the classically powerful Terry Byrne vocals, a great combination of acoustic and electric guitar, and an outstanding hook. After a couple listens, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.


The Terry Byrne Band- Woman***


Grab the other Terry Byrne Band releases here!




One Response to “Introducing: The Terry Byrne Band, WEST LA CNCT Exclusive: “Woman””

  1. jodes June 6, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    another classic. keep em coming TBB

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