Childish Gambino

29 Mar

Donald McKinley Glover, Aka rapper/producer “Childish Gambino” is proving himself to be one of Dopest new artists coming up in current hip-hop game, although he’s definitely no rookie to the entertainment industry. As a NYU grad and a current hired actor and writer for Comedy Central, working on popular hit shows “30 Rock” and “Community”, Gambino incorporates his intellect, experience, and talent to craft hip-hop music soaked with a unique combination of slick lyrical content on top of beats that slap so hard your ears will probably start bruising after a few listens. Definitely need to get on this guy’s D*#$…No homo. For starters, check out his latest mixtape “EP” and one of his earlier projects “Culdesac”.

Childish Gambino- Freaks and Geeks

Childish Gambino- My Shine

Childish Gambino- I Be On That

Childish Gambino- Do Ya Like




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