BetatraXx- The X EP + Interview

16 Feb

After a short delay, BetatraXx’s latest work, The X EP, was finally released! As a blog based in Los Angeles, we are proud of the great artists who call this city their home, and BetatraXx is certainly one of those artists. We set up a mini interview for you to enjoy and to get to know a little more about what is behind the music. As for the EP, it is no surprise that it is full of electro house gems! Check out this new EP and spread the word about BetatraXx!


WLAC: So, today marks the release of your new and highly anticipated “X” EP! It is evident that artists grow and change their sound as time moves forward. What did you do differently on this latest release than on previous material in regards to production? How would you describe the sound you were striving for?

BetatraXx: Every song I’ve made has been inspired by something different, but my goal for this release was to show people EDM can be more than it is now. Each track incorporates techniques that have not really been explored much. I think these techniques are not counter to dance music and can really be effective in dance music.

WLAC: I saw you played a live set for your release party hosted by Gotta Dance Dirty and DANCEiSM. Does performing with another artist hinder your own personal expression in any way? Will the drummer for your live sets become a permanent staple to your shows?

BetatraXx: Adding a drummer to my sets adds an element to my sets that can no be achieved without him. It turns a DJ set into a rock show with electronic noises. It makes it easier to create an atmosphere in the night when there is a live element, which is an important in my sets. It definitely does limit me though to what tracks I can DJ. You’d be surprised how many tracks just don’t work with extra drums. We are very particular with which tracks we pick, and because of that some great tracks have to be left out.

WLAC: 2011 seems to be another big year for electronic music. What can we expect to see from BetatraXx this year?

BetatraXx: Music. Music. And Music. I don’t plan on slowing down with my productions. I want every DJ from LA to Japan playing my tracks. As much as I love live shows I’m focusing on production and the shows will create themselves as a result. Keep an eye out though for some big shows throughout the US…

WLAC: In your Gotta Dance Dirty interview you noted that you were tired of hearing top 40 hits at parties, and I saw your Facebook post regarding a DJ at your brother’s high school who put on Britney Spears’s new song when asked to play dubstep. How do you feel about electronic music’s growing presence in pop music?

BetatraXx: With every cultural movement there will always be a counter cultural movement. So as EDM becomes more mainstream, something will be filling the space that it left behind. I think the problem with top 40 music over the last 10 years is that labels are often afraid to take a chance on something different, as a result the music becomes basic and ‘safe’. This is changing though as electronic music becomes mainstream. What I love about this genre is the room and respect that is given to people who take chances to experiment–If this experimental element in EDM doesn’t change I could care less if this music is mainstream or just played in mountain parties behind my friends grandparents farm.

WLAC: As a blog based in your hometown, Los Angeles, we have to ask something about this city! What is your favorite place to eat at in L.A.?

BetatraXx: There is a Japanese Deli (yes a deli with no Japanese food) across the street from my house that I basically live at, but besides that The Farm Stand in El Segundo rocks


Here’s a taste of BetatraXx’s live set from his EP Release show last week in Santa Monica hosted by Gotta Dance Dirty and DANCEiSM!




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