Holtoug Bootlegs: Reed and Floyd

24 Dec








Holtoug, Danish producer extraordinaire, has whisked up some solid remixes of well-known classics. 

Fan of heavy bass lines?  They down come any deeper than on the wonderfully weird “Walk on the Wild Side”, by Lou Reed.  Holtoug’s remix intensifies the bass and throws in some odd percussion to up the dancability factor.  The Velvet Underground would be proud.

Walk on the Wild Side-Lou Reed (Holtoug Bootleg)

Holtoug bootleg, “The Wall”, masterfully combines all three parts of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall”.  The track smoothly transitions between all three parts, with samples at various parts thrown in for flare.  Holtoug’s mix has a heavy, tech soundwhich fits in perfectly with the dark vibe of the track.

Pink Floyd-The Wall (Holtoug Bootleg)

Check out the rest of Holtoug’s production on his soundcloud.



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