22 Dec

Lemaitre is an electronic/pop group from Oslo, Norway that makes awesome music. I posted a song of theirs’ way back in the 2nd post on this blog ever, and I recommend you check out that song if you haven’t already. Recently, they’ve been doing work releasing some new tracks on their soundcloud. They have a unique electronic sound that seems to draw influences from several genres such as funk and dubstep. They just released a new EP, The Friendly Sound, so support them and buy it on iTunes! These are three of my favorite songs by Lemaitre, enjoy.

Lemaitre- Blue Shift

Lemaitre- Fossil Fuels

Lemaitre- 1:18*Awesome breakdown at 2:13




One Response to “Lemaitre”

  1. Hanz Zimmer December 23, 2010 at 4:31 pm #

    Lemaitre iz vunderba en Norway!

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