10 Dec

Earlier this week I posted some jazzy house, courtesy of Goldfish. Today, I have some jazzy hip-hop. Jun Seba, who goes by the name Nujabes (his real name spelled backwards), is a Japanese hip-hop producer who has a strong jazz influence, sampling artists like Miles Davis. He was the owner of Shibuya record stores in Japan and he also founded his own label, Hydeout Productions. Jun has collaborated with Japanese artists as well as some underground American hip-hop artists such as CYNE and Cise Starr. Jun’s production is nothing short of excellence. He was definitely in a league of his own as a hip-hop producer with his style and skill. You can really feel the soul and emotion that he put into his songs, and that’s what’s important. No bullshit about partying, drugs, or big ego’s here, just pure expression. Unfortunately, this amazing artist passed away February 26th of this year in a car crash at the age of 36. Although his earthly existence has ended, it is evident that his spirit certainly lives on, just push play! Big thanks to my buddy Blake coming through, again, for an excellent suggestion! Enjoy.

Download All

Nujabes- Counting Stars***

Nujabes- Feather ft. Cise Starr & Akin***

Nujabes- Omnipresence

Nujabes- Reflection Eternal

Nujabes- Lady Brown ft. Cise Starr




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