8 Dec

Dominic Peters and David Poole are the two men who make up the group Goldfish. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, they’ve been taking the world by storm with their unique jazzy house beats. Goldfish is known for their live shows which incorporate double bass, saxophone, keyboards, flute, and vocals with samplers, effects, synths and they even keep true to their jazz roots with freeform improvisation. These guys have such a cool sound, and feel-good vibe to their music, it’s hard not to like them. These songs featured here are from their 2nd album, Perceptions of Pacha, released in 2008. I was having trouble narrowing down tracks to post from it because they are all excellent, so I recommend buying the whole thing! Big ups to my friend Roy bringing this awesome group to my attention! These are all must haves, enjoy.

Goldfish- Cruising Through

Goldfish- Soundtracks And Come Backs

Goldfish- Fort Knox

Goldfish- Sold My Soul

Goldfish- Hold Tight




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