21 Nov

First off, I apologize for the lack of posting yesterday, but hopefully today will make up for it! Here’s an awesome new Electro House producer, BetaTraXx, who doesn’t have much information about him on the internet except for a solid interview from Gotta Dance Dirty. BetaTraXx, a Los Angeles native, is one of the better up and coming artists in a city that seems to be overflowing with music talent. The man behind the TraXx, Tim Nelson, strives to take a different approach to remixing than many other producers, stating on his myspace that he wants to improve song in a way that it would benefit it, to enjoy it more and make it more danceable, rather than “cutting up a song for the sake of putting your name at the end”. I respect artists who embrace uniqueness and isn’t it that uniqueness that makes them stand out among the rest? BetaTraXx has been making some awesome tunes and almost all of his songs are up for free download on his soundcloud, check him out!

Dada Life- Unleash The Fucking Dada (BetatraXx ft. Krystal Vocal Remix)*Good vocals were what this song was missing!

Metric- Gold Guns Girls (BetatraXx Remix)


Awesome live set he did at West Beach Music Festival up in Santa Barbara, CA!



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