15 Nov

My camping trip out to Joshua Tree this weekend was a nice break from our fast paced society, and one musician, Douglas Appling, who goes by the name of Emancipator, helped me enjoy my vacation thoroughly. Emancipator is a relatively new artist in the electronic scene, just playing his first live show in July 2009, opening for Bonobo at Roseland Theater in New York. Since the he has played with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Bassnectar, STS9, Pretty Lights.  At the age of 19, in 2006, he self-released his first album, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough, and with his calm meditative melodies coupled with flawless production of mellow flowing beats, he captivated fans around the world. Although Emancipator is considered to be an artist on the rise, he has had his share of success already with a Puma sponsorship, an Interview with Rolling Stone Japan, one of his songs played at the Beijing Olympics (still trying to figure out how that happened), and his song “Shook,” which became the highest-rated song on Hype Machine’s “Best 50 Songs of 2007”. If you want to just chill and escape to a different place, Emancipator will get the job done. Special thanks to my buddy Blake for the suggestion!

Sigur Ros vs. Mobb Deep- Shook (Emancipator Mash Up)***Excellence

Emancipator- When I Go Ft. Thao Nguyen




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