Steve Angello Size Matters & Skrillex

8 Nov

Steve Angello’s Size Matters compilation will be released in the United States tomorrow and is up for pre-order on iTunes. One cool track from the compilation that has been circulating the internet for a while is a remix of Pendulum’s, “The Island”, and I now have it in it’s full quality release for you all to enjoy!

Pendulum- The Island (Steve Angello, AN21, Max Vangelli Remix)*Download removed

Skrillex has been making a big name for himself holding 8 of the top 10 downloaded tracks in all of Beatport immediately after his latest release of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Most of his music is too noisy or too heavy for my tastes, but I stumbled upon a remix of his that surprisingly isn’t too much for me. He uses brighter synths, with melody, on top of a heavy house beat mixed with some catchy vocals, which all comes together very well!

Casxio- Seventeen (Skrillex Remix)


Opptimo is a new, disco influenced, electronic group from Turkey that has received support from artists such as Treasure Fingers, Mylo, and Beataucue. This one’s off their latest release, Travellers EP, that you can check out here!

Opptimo- Locate



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