Glitch-Hop: GK

6 Nov

GK, Grant Kwiecinski, is a new up and coming Glitch-Hop producer whose music easily ranks among the best in the business, such as Pretty Lights or The Glitch Mob. He started producing at age 14 and it is evident that his talent will surely lead him to success. On his Facebook page, he notes that he likes to “smash up old swing and jazz samples then blast it all between Reason and Ableton and finish it with treble bass, laser, funk and soul flavor.” It is just the beginning of his career, so I recommend keeping an eye out for GK, and watch him blow up!

Download his full EP for FREE here!

GK- On The Move***

GK- Curtains

GK- What About It (Drop It Like It’s Womp)

GK- Swag So Official*stream not working, download!




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    […] a Glitch Mob song by an artist named Gladkill, not to be confused with another Glitch-Hop producer, GK. The second is a worthy rendition of Stevie Wonder’s, “Superstition,” by Jobot, […]

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