Janiece Myers & Joker

4 Nov

Janiece Myers is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, UK, and she started her solo career just last October. Her style is reminiscent of Katy B, a singer from London, who is known to sing over dubstep tracks produced by artists such as Benga. Recently, Janiece reached the top 10 on UK music charts with a song called “Underground Love,” which was the song that actually brought my attention to her. Unfortunately, that song won’t be released for a few months, but until then here’s another one of her solid tracks!


Myers Ft. KOF & R.I.O.- Future Sounds***

Joker is a 21-year-old dubstep producer from Easton, Bristol, UK. He can definitely hold his own from a country that is overflowing with very talented dubstep artists. Another artist from Bristol, DJ Pinch, noted in a Pitchfork article that “Joker’s style is full of color and character– no one else sounds quite like him.” Joker mastered professional music production programs such as Fruity Loops and Logic Pro at a very young age, and he is further improving his skills with songs to prove it!

Gorillaz- Doncamatic (Joker Remix)***

Simian Mobile Disco- Cruel Intentions (Ft. Beth Ditto) (Joker Remix)



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