Hugh Augustine the MC

4 Nov

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to LA local, Hugh Augustine the MC, lyrical heavyweight on the rise.  Hugh began his musical career at the age of 9 by writing his first song.  Before high school began, he had 25 tracks completed.  Since then, Hugh has released two albums and lived in New Orleans.  Lucky for us, Hugh Augustine is back in town and representing LA with class on his latest effort,  Hurry Up and Wait. At only the age of 19, Hugh’s performance leave no question about his excess of talent and bright future.  His quick wit and smooth-as-butter flow will leave you chillin’ for the duration of the album.

Hugh Augustine’s gift is accentuated by the incredible production of the legend, Bo Jacobson.  Musical genius and fellow Loyola Marymount University student, Bo has masterfully produced, recorded, and mixed Hurry Up and Wait in a way where each song has something unique to offer to the album as a whole.  Look for Bo’s excellent sound work with The Terry Byrne Band and in the new reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Download the full album here.

Hugh Augustine The MC-La Brea

Hugh Augustine The MC-On My Way (ft. Terry Byrne)

Here’s an awesome music video for Steppin’ shot by none other than John Hawley himself!



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