Hip-Hop: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis***

2 Nov

As you can see, I have put my typical *** (usually attached to songs) in the title of the post simply because Macklemore and Ryan Lewis make some of the best Hip-Hop I have heard in a long time. Representing the North Western Hip-Hop scene, Macklemore is an MC from Seattle, Washington, with a lyrical talent and flow that ranks amongst some of the best in the business today. Ryan Lewis, Macklemore’s partner in crime, is also a Seattle native who is the producer of the group providing fresh beats. My initial thoughts when I first listened to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were how striking and refreshingly new their sound was. As I kept listening, Macklemore’s story telling abilities and lyrical substance drew me in and left me to reflect on his thoughtful wordplay. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, without a doubt, have something special and something rare in the music industry today that generally seems to be overrun with mediocre “commercial” music. So please do yourself a favor and give Macklemore and Ryan Lewis the respect they deserve!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- Vipassana (Ryan Lewis Remix)***MUST HAVE

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- Otherside***MUST HAVE

Watch this…



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