Vocal Dubstep: Sunday Girl (Ft. Rusko, Diplo)

28 Oct

Sunday Girl, also known as Jade Williams, is just a 21-year-old singer from the U.K. When she first dabbled with the idea of being a vocalist, she would sing in the privacy of her own room, too afraid to sing in front of anyone. Her fear overtook her so much so that at the age of 17, her mom took her to a hypnotist to cure her irrationalities. If it wasn’t for her smart mother, she would not be coming through our speakers today. The U.K. publication, The Gaurdian, describes her sound as, “melancholic yet uplifting,” which proves to be a perfect combination with dubstep music. Reminiscent of Ellie Goulding, Sunday Girl can definitely stand her ground with her aim to “feel like a wall of beautiful sound,” which she executes perfectly.(One to watch: Sunday Girl) I’ve included a new release as well as an older track, both with a soothing mellow vibe, enjoy!

Sunday Girl vs. Rusko- Stop Hey (Club Mix)***New release

Sunday Girl- Four Floors (Diplo Remix)***


Deadmau5 performed an unreleased dubstep remix with a singer named Robyn at the VMA’s last month on MTV! Here’s the only version (a ripped edit) on the internet of the song!

Robyn- Dancing On My Own (Deadmau5 Remix)





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