Indie Rock: Young The Giant, The Holidays

27 Oct

Young The Giant, formerly known as the Jakes, just released their first self-titled album. Although this blog is based primarily in Los Angeles, my hometown is Newport Beach, California, and that just happens to be where Young The Giant wrote their first and latest effort. All five members of the band had gotten together and lived in a house by the ocean. Their “beachy” environment seems to have had great influence on the album in that, “A lot of the ideas on the record spawned from our time there—that concept of eternal summer, of youthfulness,” said Gadhia, the lead vocalist. Their sound definitely resonates with a summer vibe similar to Jack Johnson. These guys definitely deserve a listen! (downloads below video)

Young The Giant- Strings***

Young The Giant- My Body

From a much farther place than Newport Beach from Los Angeles (a 45 minute drive away), a band called, The Holidays, are from a place thousands of miles away: Australia. The land from down under has been putting out some great artists along with The Holidays such as The Temper Trap who have made quite a buzz in the States this past year. The Holidays have been around since 2006, but are only recently gaining international notoriety with their newest release, Post Paradise, which came out last month. Much like Young The Giant, The Holidays have an up-beat summer vibe but with an added tropical twist. I’ve listened to their latest album multiple times through and I have a couple notable songs to share with all of you!

The Holidays- Golden Sun***

The Holidays- 6AM



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