Pretty Lights: Glowing In The Darkest Night EP

23 Oct

Yesterday, Pretty Lights released his third installment, “Glowing In The Darkest Night,” of a trilogy of  EP’s this year. Derek Vincent Smith, who is Pretty Lights, has a very unique style that entails “glitchy hip-hop beats, buzzing synth lines, and vintage funk and soul samples.” He is undoubtedly one of the very best Glitch-Hop artists to ever grace this earth. I’ve included some of the better tracks on his newest EP, but be sure to download the whole thing (FOR FREE) at

Pretty Lights- Drift Away ***

Pretty Lights- Out Of Time***

Pretty Lights- Gazing At The Glare***

If you like Pretty Lights, check out the L.A. natives, The Glitch Mob!

The Glitch Mob- Beyond Monday

By the way, if you downloaded the Zeds Dead “Out For Blood” song in the “Bass!” post earlier this week, I updated the link with a better quality version, so I recommend swapping the files!



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    […] up and coming Glitch-Hop producer whose music easily ranks among the best in the business, such as Pretty Lights or The Glitch Mob. He started producing at age 14 and it is evident that his talent will surely […]

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